Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smarteepants loves you for reading this. =)

Hello peeps. =)

So firstly (and obviously), I'm gonna have to apologise (aka beg on the floor for forgiveness) for my long absence from blogspot.com.




So anyway, just to let you guys know.

I'm not back.

Not here, at least.

I'm still gonna be on blogspot, unless some unforeseen force sends me running to tumblr or something. But just not asiansmarteepants...which in case you didn't realise, has been my ranting space since my 1st year in high school. =)

So this is embarrassing, but I used to swear to myself that I'd never leave this blog, mainly because there are too many things here - hidden or not - that I'll never want to leave behind.

I don't really know why I'm moving. Maybe just 'cuz its a new year. Or maybe 'cuz I want to move out of high school mode, which is so intertwined in this blog. Maybe its just a whim. Maybe I'm curious to see which names of the people that appear here will appear in my new blog. Maybe its because I tried to revamp this blog, but it didn't really work out. Maybe I just need to start over. I have a vague idea why, but I don't really quite know how to explain it.

Anyway, just because I'm moving doesn't mean I have to leave everything here behind right? Its not like I'm deleting asiansmarteepants or anything. I'm just leaving it where I feel it belongs -- in the past. And leaving it in the past doesn't mean I won't look back. And just because I look back doesn't mean I will go back.

So this is my little tata.

I don't know where (or when) I'll be blogging from now on, but if you really want to know, you can just ask me. =)

~Smartee Pants.

P.S. Daddy's watching a really violent show on TV right now.

I love violent action/horror movies!!! The ones where they fight until all sorts of gore spills over the screen!

Have I told anyone that? =)

P.P.S. I'm not sure if I should leave asiansmarteepants in this state, or revamp it again back to its original template thingy.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Don't worry.

I'm still alive and kickin'.

Perhaps not kicking, but still alive nevertheless.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Self destruct

Hey, do you people watch cantonese dramas?

Like those on 311?

Isn't it funny how they sometimes use the same actress as both the mother and the daughter when she's grown up?

I used to think it was really annoying last time when I was a kid.

Now its like...haha haven't you people heard of genetics? What? She cloned? Or had binary fission?


I have no life.

~Smartee Pants

P.S. Gwen Lee, you know, either he has some ultra top secret excuse reason.

Or he's just an ass. (No. I'm not sorry for saying this. You can slap me in school.)

Either way, what does that tell you?

P.P.S. Graduation is tomorrow. But we still have to go to school after that. Sigh, gotta love the system. Msia boleh.

P.P.S. My grad robes are UGLY and unwashed. Which part of dirty dark turquoise does the school not SEE?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't want deja vu

I didn't lose faith in you. I was just a little disappointed. Not because of that... that.

But because you're so capable of saying a lot of things, yet nothing happens.

We both know its not the first time.

So just stop making empty promises.

'Cuz then you'll be less pressured, and I'll be less disappointed.


I have one normal foot, and one abnormal foot.

Two probabilities.

[Left foot (miniscule) X right foot (normal)] + [left foot (normal) X right foot (ultra large)] = damnit

Either way, that gives me a pair of abnormal feet.

And that's why I had hell trying to get a pair of stinkin' heels for graduation.

Either my right foot can't fit into the shoe size that my left foot fits perfectly. Or my left foot looks like an utter idiot in the shoe size that my right foot fits perfectly.

I hate feet.

Anyway, my creepy pair of metatarsals did get their happy ending. I did get the heels...so on Saturday I won't only be graduating from high school. xD you get what I mean, chuamaeyeng? heehee.

Ohh, and before I forget, let me credit Tweety bird for this.

Mum: Woi, after dinner you better go study.
Me: Hmm?
Mum: How many hours were you on the phone just now?
Me: What?
Mum: Talk more on the phone lah. See how your dad explode later when he gets the phone bill.
Me: Haaahhh?
Mum: After dinner, no more phone calls. GO STUDY.
Me: Whaaat? I can't hear you~

Mum: *huffs away and leaves*

Btw, yes, we were sitting next to each other and I was being a complete ass. And like I said, thanks to Leowlipop (Ben-dubbed-Tweety-bird) for this method of annoyance. She uses it on me everyday at school. ^.^

Okay, I shall go make phone calls now.

Just kidding.

Maybe just for awhile. >.<

~Smartee Pants

P.S. Gwen Lee, I know how you feel. The first thought that comes to mind might probably be "wtf do you think you are", but I really do. To a certain extend.

P.P.S. I feel like I've been getting very sulky around you lately. Is it getting harder and harder to put up with me? We don't agree on a lot of things, and that's okay, but I don't wanna disagree on a lot of things either.

P.P.P.S. Darn I need to update my Thieves list. Grr, its like change-blog-link season. =( Maybe I should follow the trend.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thumbs up

1. Blake Shelton - Hillbilly Bone
2. Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield - Jet Lag
3. The Script - Nothing
4. One Republic - Good Life
5. Tyler Ward & Boyce Avenue - Fix You (Coldplay Cover)
6. Javier Colon - Stitch By Stitch

In no particular order.

All the female artists in the world have fallen off my thumbs-up playlist.

Except for Xenia.

7. Xenia - The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script Cover)

~Smartee Pants

P.S. Gwen Lee.

Coldplay - Fix You.


I'm hungry.

Like half crazed starving.

Even though I ate the whole pot of lamb stew today...straight from the pot.

~Smartee Pants

P.S. Gwen Lee.

Why does it feel like you're making the same mistake I made?